I was always a girl full of energy.

In the summer vacation of 1983 with only 8 years of age I had the great idea that I wanted to work and what better than with my dad. I decided to propose it and with some resistance my dad accepted ... or at least I thought so.

"Tomorrow I wake you up early so you can come with me to the office," he told me. The next day to my surprise, my dad had left and I had missed my first day of work.

The next day I decided that I had to make it happen. She was sitting in the chair at the entrance, her feet barely touching the floor so she played with them.

–“Claudia, what are you doing here?” –“Dad, I told you I wanted to go work with you so here I am.” -

“Ok, let’s go, it’s getting late.”

I did it. I went to work with my dad. I had the best first day of work of my life.

I was ready to conquer the work force. However, as I grew older, something changed ...


I was 23 years old when I had to choose between living a princess life or taking the HARD road.

I took the hard road and headed for the uncertain. I got divorced.

I was strongly criticized by society, most of my friends turned their backs on me.

I lost a lot of weight and developed an incurable auto-immune disease. I was completely broke with my last 300 dlls in my bank account and feeling depressed and miserable.

I hit bottom and thought that my life was over until I suddenly reconnected with that vision I had at 17 years of conquering the corporate world. I had a university degree however this was the real world and it was very difficult to find opportunities as an executive so the only one that I worked for at that time was as a secretary.

Being a woman in Latin America in the corporate world was not easy and there was no female director in any of the national and transnational companies for which I worked to teach me the way. I had to struggle to climb in the corporate world. Sometimes I felt that I had conquered the world and at other times I felt incompetent.

I hit a wall many times. They made me believe that I wasn’t good enough and that I would never get far. But one day I decided to work as never before. I decided to prove them wrong.

I spent days and nights learning everything I needed to know. I became an expert in doing the little things and an expert in the tedious and boring jobs that nobody else wanted to do. Developed my own method to "deconstruct processes" which is based on breaking the big concepts into pieces and converting them into projects; for me this became an art.

I tackled all the projects that were assigned me; one after the other, they were always successful.


From that day on, my career began to shine.

I reached the highest positions in the companies for which I worked, I began to appear on magazine covers, to obtain different awards and recognitions and also, I was considered one of the top marketing executives in Mexico.

TODAY I AM AN entrepreneur:

I have a successful business with a structure of more than 900 people plus investment in other projects. I have been speaker for more than 10 years and helping entrepreneurs and companies to transform.


And not only that, now I have created a movement to share the principles that led me to success in my life and career because I have the mission to inspire men and women around the world to take action like the big ones, to achieve their goals and live the life they always dreamed.


“The Latin Princess Method” IS MUCH MORE THAN A METHODOLOGY.

It’s my life philosophy and it’s the most incredible project that I have developed in my career.